Opsobjects, the contemporary style that is shaking up classic jewelry

Opsobjects is a brand of watches and jewelry, made in Italy, whose goal is to surprise and excite with its creations those who love to enhance their look. The collections suggest a fun and original way to live life with enthusiasm every day. With OPS! timeless models abandon traditional conventions and materials, creating a unique mix of style and modernity. The color, the brilliance, the transparency, the soft-touch details of the hi-tech materials meet the classic shapes to give life to jewels that tell an emotion and to watches that give rhythm to the day, revealing a rainbow of feelings. Opsobjects has transformed the meaning and philosophy of the goldsmith’s art, introducing unique materials, shapes and designs.

2011. OPS! FLAT, a symbol of the ’80s generation, redesigned in silicone;
2012. OPS! LOVE, inspired by the iconic bracelet born in the ’50s, revisited in a democratic key, sold for more than a million pieces;
2013. OPS! WATCH, watches with an innovative round polycarbonate case;
2014. OPS! TENNIS, a classic of silicon and crystal jewelry reinterpreted by OPS!
2016. OPS! POSH, another classic watch from the 50s, featuring interchangeable strap, innovative ultra flat design and silicone material;
2017. OPS! NODI, the most recent among the bestsellers, symbol of an indissoluble bond, the knot, which holds together the deepest feelings;
2018. STARLIGHT, transparent vinyl bracelet studded with Swarovski crystals, which immediately becomes a trend!