The classics of the traditional jewellery are inspired with creativity to the charm of the most glamorous cities

Vitamin colors and innovative materials celebrate contemporary beauty

OPSOBJECTS is a journey into trends that tells the perfect match between creative inspiration, manufacturing accuracy and innovation, in a continuous stylistic no limits game. Thus, the fashion jewelery brand designed in Italy interprets the contemporary canons of beauty with new collections of jewelry and watches. Every detail becomes the starting point to experiment traditional processes in creative language of design. The tubogas jersey, the texture of the “saffiano” finish, the interweaving of leather tapes discover surprising results when they are repeated in silicone. The colors, the materials, the shapes are combined in an unexpected way and give life to an explosion of styles and emotions, in which the brightness, transparency and soft-touch details give back a unique and unpredictable experience, in an extraordinary surprise effect. The new OPSOBJECTS collections are born in a stratification of stylistic codes and cultural citations, suggested by the charm of some cities that symbolize universal beauty and trends. They are design objects featuring with sculptural shapes that abandon the conventions and experiment with a new aesthetic, to tell each day a new mood that interweaves classic and contemporary, tradition and fashion trends as happens in the most glamorous cities: Paris, Rome, Milan.

This is the inspiration for the creation of NODI bracelets collection that today is expanded into the magic of a bling bling night, not only by combining the silicone knots with the metal ones, but also embellishing the inevitable heart-shaped charm, as well as the Four-leaf clover charms dangling from the bracelets. To interpret a new romanticism, however, there is ROMANTIC collection that is characterized by a thin and delicate chain, interrupted only by a microsferette pattern, from which hangs a heart with rounded shapes and crystals. TWIST collection reinterprets a timeless classic of fashion: the soft weaving of the leather revisited in the modern soft silicone texture and embellished with a metal detail set in the pendant. PARIS BANGLE line suggests the charm of Parisian atmospheres and the unique elegance of à la parisienne fashion. A rigid bracelet that experiments with new uses of silicone, combining it with crystal-encrusted steel: two different materials are welded together forever with a system of screws that becomes a decorative element, like a declaration of eternal love. In ROMA collection, the tubogas jersey, an icon of the jewelery of all time, renews its look by replacing the steel with silicone and thus takes on an ironic and contemporary touch, without losing its refinement and elegance. MILANO and MILANO LUX watch collections give life to a new trendy language, combining, on the one hand, the Milan steel mesh with the polycarbonate case and reinterpreting in a pop key, on the other, the saffiano finish.